Keeping Yourself Safe (Over 65s)

Farm Family CPD Course

Keeping Yourself Safe (Over 65s)

On course completion farmers over 65 will be able to:

  1. Understand how farm risks have changed over the last 30 years.
  2. Define your involvement on the family farm and value in relation to farm safety.
  3. Identify, remove and minimise risks associated with your farm and role.
  4. Describe how they can redefine their role on the farm within the next 6 months.
Keeping Yourself Safe (Over 65s)

A CPD course for farmers over 65, this course has been designed to help farmers over 65 adjust to their current role on the farm.

Course Content

The course consists of units with video content and interactive, engaging activities to be completed throughout. Participants will have the opportunity to give feedback throughout the course.

Introduction – Why You? 

Taking Stock

Nobody Wants to Have an Accident
The Pace of Farming Today

Changing roles over time on the farm

Your Role on the Family Farm
Adjusting Your Role Over Time
The Relevance of Close Calls

Working on Your Own  

Farmers who work on their own 

What else can you do?  

Prioritising and Planning
Starting the Farm Safety Conversation

At completion of the course, a Certificate of Completion (Digital Certificate) will be awarded.

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