CPD and Online Learning

Farm Family CPD

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a commitment to ongoing lifelong learning. CPD courses are a great way to enhance, refresh and update training and skills.

Training as part of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a vital part of farm safety. Risk in farming frequently originates where people, who are not competent or adequately trained to do, carry out a broad range of work.

Farm Family CPD training courses will enable farmers to apply focus and attention to the topic of farm safety. The training will provide an opportunity to review existing knowledge and skills, address shortfalls in knowledge, take a new approach to farm safety and keep up to date with the latest developments in health and safety in agriculture.

Keeping up to date requires training over time. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) gives the opportunity to do this.

Farm Family CPD

Online Training/eLearning

Online training courses (eLearning) are convenient, offer flexibility and bring education right to your home. Now that browsers are available on phones, tablets, and laptops, online courses are not restricted to desktops and computers; courses are configured for all types of devices.

eLearning helps participants retain and remember information with the use of videos, relevant images, legible fonts, animated videos, and more. Real-life examples are also given to better explain concepts. Displaying information in well-crafted ways lead to better understanding and retention of learning content, more than taking notes with pen and paper.

Farm Family CPD, (Continuing Professional Development) offers flexibility in farm safety education for all members of the family. Courses can be taken anytime, anywhere to suit your situation and time available.

Farm Family CPD

Online Training Requirements

  • Online training courses can be taken anytime, anywhere.
  • You will need an internet connection if you are accessing training from a laptop or computer.
  • Access to courses is not only restricted to desktops; courses are configured to all types of devices. You can access the courses from your phone or tablet.
  • When you register your interest on our website http://www.farmfamilycpd.ie you will receive an email with login details within 10 working days giving you access to the training courses.
  • Online training gives flexibility; you may wish to complete the course at one sitting or return later to complete at another sitting. You have this flexibility with online training.
  • Completion of the course is necessary to be awarded a Certificate of Completion (Digital Certificate).
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