Bryan Daniels

Farm Family CPD

Bryan Daniels

Dairy Farmer, South Kilkenny

We, Bryan and Gail Daniels, with our 3 young children, live and work on our family farm near the village of Kilmoganny in Kilkenny. It is a spring calving dairy farm, milking 275 cows and replacement heifers. My parents are retired but maintain a great interest in all that is happening on the farm.

Bryan Daniels

Description of previous work undertaken in Health, Safety and Wellness/Farm Safet

I’ve been running the farm since returning home from Kildalton college in 1999. We were a mixed dairy and beef farm at the time with an agricultural contracting business. I came home at a young age but with the encouragement of my parents I knew I had to constantly retrain and attend courses to be the best farmer I could be. Farm safety was part of that. I was involved with Macra na Feirme Agri Affairs and saw the importance of farm safety to keep everyone safe. I have been in contact with the farm safety personnel in Teagasc also over the years discussing different things that affect us and the farm. It is with these contracts I became involved in the Farm Family CPD Project.

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The Farm Family CPD Project

“Farming is constantly changing. Whether it is the farm itself or the family living and working on it. Our own family and farm are no different. The farm family is at the heart of Farm Family CPD. It caters for all generations on the farm and this is why myself and my wife Gail took part in Farm Family CPD. We want to keep our family and the people working for us safe. We need to know where the dangers are and how to address them. Farm Family CPD provides the training to keep up with all these changes so we can do our best to reduce the risks and keep everyone safe. The design of the training will help to open the discussion around farm safety and allow every person to learn and have their own say.”